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My Journey as a Gestational Surrogate

Turns out, I’m not crazy! January 30, 2011

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Wednesday morning I made the long (and full of traffic) trip to Thousand Oaks at the butt crack of dawn for my medical and psychological screenings. I arrived at Fertility and Surgical Associates of CA about 10:05 for my 10:30am appt. After waiting quite a while, I got to meet Dr. Kumar, the RE that will be handling our case and doing the IVF. He was SO nice. We sat down and discussed my medical history and some details of the transfer. E & M want to transfer one embryo at a time, so, our risk of twins is only about 1% (*happy dance*) LOL. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing awful about being blessed with two babies instead of just one, but, a singleton pregnancy has far less risks and complications all around.

After our little talk, we went in and I had some tests done, and an ultrasound. Apparently, I’m an “egg machine,” his words, not mine haha. He also said that my uterus is “pristine” and that he doesn’t see anything that would complicate the IVF procedure. We even did a mock transfer. They stick a tiny catheter in and transfer the embryos directly into your uterine wall. It really only felt like a standard pap test, nothing more. Once the Dr. was done, I had my blood drawn for some more tests and then went to see Dr. Kumar’s nurse. She started me on birth control pills to suppress my cycle and asked me to start back on prenatal vitamins right away. After all was said and done there, I headed off to my psychological screening.

I spent about 45 minutes speaking with the psychologist. She asked me to use words to describe myself, The Hubby and the girls. I had been using all positive words when she stopped me. She said “I have to be honest with you. It sounds a little like you’re trying to get me to believe that your life is perfect and everything is wonderful.” It really caught me off guard. That wasn’t my intention at all. I explained to her that, no, my life may not be perfect. No one’s life is perfect. I have a wonderful husband, and no our marriage isn’t always cupcakes and rainbows, we have our moments, but we always make it through. We have two beautiful, intelligent, amazing little girls. We have a beautiful house in a wonderful neighborhood. So, no, life isn’t perfect but what more could a girl really ask for? After that explanation, we talked more about the surrogacy specifically. She asked if I was sure that I wouldn’t become emotionally attached to the baby (or babies.) I answered that I most certainly would get attached – It’s inevitable and unavoidable. I would be carrying this baby (or babies) and taking care of them just as I would take care of my own child. However, my role (in my eyes) is that of an aunt. I will love and care for the baby until he/she is well enough to be given to his/her Daddy’s. I have not a single doubt that E & M are going to be amazing daddy’s and therefore I couldn’t be more comfortable giving the baby to them once he/she is born. 🙂

I got word from my case manager on Thursday that I passed the psychological screening! We started life insurance paperwork (the IPs pay for a one year life insurance policy for the surrogate just in case) and by the time that is approved, we should have the results from all the tests that were done at the RE’s office! As soon as that all comes back we are good to finalize a contract. My case manager let me know that as long as everything continues as it has been, E & M are planning on coming back here in MARCH for the embryo transfer!!! Depending on when in March, they might be welcoming a Christmas or New Years baby!! Yay!!

I can’t believe that everything is moving along so quickly – And, I couldn’t be happier about it. I know I’ve said it so many times, but, I am so absolutely thrilled to be helping E & M complete their family. Hopefully I’ll have even more good news next week! 🙂


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