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My Journey as a Gestational Surrogate

Moving Right Along! February 4, 2011

Filed under: Gestational Surrogacy — Danielle @ 12:45 am

Just a quick update.. I passed my medical screening!!! Not that I had any serious doubts that I would, but, it’s so nice to know! So now the medical and psychological screenings are out of the way and we’re moving on to other things 🙂

The life insurance company called to verify a few things on my application and now it’s at the “underwriting” department, The Hubby and I have signed a limited retainer agreement with a local attorney that specializes in surrogacy agreements and everything is moving along so smoothly! Now that I’ve been medically cleared, E & M’s lawyer can start drafting our agreement. As soon as my lawyer receives that, we’ll be ready to get to makin’ a lil bambino for them!! Yay!!

It’s so crazy (and by crazy I mean absolutely amazing) to think that by this time next month, I could be carrying E & M’s little miracle bambino for them! What an awesome Christmas present that would be for them, to have their family finally completed! 🙂

More and more people in my daily life are starting to become aware of what is going on and I’m so blessed with the outpouring of support that I have received! I can’t wait to continue this journey knowing that I’ve got such amazing people (especially The Hubby) by my side.

Keep your fingers crossed that everything continues to go well and I’ll have more news by next week! 🙂 Until then…..


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