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Just to Update Everyone… February 22, 2011

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Not much has gone on since my last post. I have all my medical and psychological clearances, my life insurance policy is in place and now we are just waiting for the contract to be drafted and sent to my lawyer. My case manager, Elena (who is wonderful by the way) emailed me today and let me know that E & M are working very closely with their lawyer and hope to have the contract finished by the end of this week to send off to me for review!

We celebrated our youngest daughters first birthday this weekend and every little smile, giggle and full blown laugh she shared reminded me again and again of how excited I am to be helping E & M create their own little family. I can’t wait to deliver their lil bambino, hand him/her over and see the looks on their faces. I know they’re going to be such amazing Daddy’s!

I sent E & M an email to let them know that I was thinking about them and that we were sending our love from CA and they wrote back such a sweet letter. I am so lucky to have such amazing IFs. I really couldn’t ask for more! They said they can’t wait to meet our daughters and spend time with us in March or April for the transfer. I know my girls are going to love them as much as I already do!

In the mean time, while there isn’t much to report on my end, I added some links to other surrogates blogs that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and thought some of you might enjoy as well. Feel free to click on the links and dive right in. It’s amazing to read about other surrogates journeys helping to create families! 🙂


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