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My Journey as a Gestational Surrogate

My tushy is not happy :( March 27, 2011

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Well, tonight my DH had to administer the second Delestrogen shot. From what I understand, the purpose of these shots is to make my uterine lining nice and thick so that the embryo can snuggle up comfortably for 9 months.

I wasn’t scared this time because the first shot went so well. My confidence unfortunately didn’t help me 😦

I used a heating pad to warm my bum before Hubby injected… We’re thinking maybe we weren’t in the perfect spot because I felt the needle going in the whole time. The worst part? These needles aren’t tiny, folks. Think half the length of a pencil and subtract just a smidge and you’ve got the length of the sharp object that has to be stuck, in its entirety, into my rump. Ouch.

Needless to say, my butt isn’t happy tonight and I’ll be sleeping on the opposite side. I just keep reminding myself that every shot will be worth it when I see E & M holding their bambino!

Better luck next time, I hope!

P.S. I’ve included a picture of the needle… See what I mean when I say “Ouch” LOL.

22 Gauge Needle

22 Gauge Needle


I’m not a big baby! March 25, 2011

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Well, I did it! I had my first shot, administered by my Dear Dr. Hubby on Wednesday night. I had myself convinced it was going to be absolutely awful, but, I followed the advice of a fellow surrogate and survived!

It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be! I have a little soreness at the injection site (the upper quadrant of my tush, if you’re wondering LOL) but that’s about it.

The most exciting part is knowing that we’re making so much progress and moving closer to the embryo transfer!

We’re shooting for April 8th-11th. I’ve got my fingers crossed (and could you cross yours too?) for the 8th because E & M will be visiting from the 2nd to the 9th! I would sooooo love for them to be here for the transfer.

I’ve got another shot on Saturday and go back to the RE next Wednesday the 30th.

This is it folks – We’re making E & M Daddies!!! 🙂


Let’s Make a Bambino!!! March 17, 2011

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You’re probably thinking: “Another post?! The ink on the one you just wrote isn’t even dry!” LOL. And you’re right, it’s not. However, I felt that this news needed it’s own post. No controversy, no sad bad news bears, instead – Pure Joy.

Hubby and I signed the final draft of our contract this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re all done with screenings, meetings, legal mumbo jumbo, etc!

I have an appt way too early Friday morning with the RE (Reproductive Endocronologist aka Fertility Doctor) for a repeat ultrasound and more blood work. Because the contracts are all done, I’ll also get all my meds and a schedule for each of them. As long as all goes well, we are set to do our first embryo transfer on

    APRIL 11th or 12th

!!!!!! Less than one month away!

If that transfer is successful (and it will be! Stay positive with me here) E & M will be spending their New Years 2012 welcoming a bundle of joy into the world and into their hearts!

I couldn’t be more happy for them and cannot wait to get to spend time with them in April.

Put all your reservations about surrogacy aside for just a moment and do a Happy Dance with me, will ya? Thanks! You rock! LOL.


Yep, I’m going to go there..

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In the past few weeks, more and more people have become aware of my journey as a gestational surrogate. As a result, I’ve been blessed with an enormous amount of support, but, I’ve also encountered some not so positive feedback.

This post is not intended to call out any specific person, family or friend, but rather to in general address some of the things that have been brought up by multiple people.

I’ve read other surrogates blogs, and I’m not naïve. I realized long ago that not everyone was going to agree with my decision to be a GS. Regardless of how much I prepared myself, it doesn’t feel good to be called a “baby seller.” The amount of monetary compensation I will be receiving, quite frankly, isn’t anyone’s business. I will answer any other questions but that’s not something people need to know. Any fellow surrogates reading this can attest – We aren’t in this for the money. I’m not “selling a baby” to E & M. I’m helping them complete their family, realize their dreams. Who are we to judge how a person(s) decides to go about creating their family? No one ever asked me why I didn’t adopt instead of having my own children. E & M want to have a child genetically their own, and yes, that costs money. Does that make them less deserving? Does the fact that I will be compensated for the things I will endure throughout helping them have that child make what I’m doing less respectable? The answer to both of those questions ought to be no. If it’s not, feel free to give me your reasoning. We’ll talk about it however long you want.

The second issue I’ve encountered is regarding the fact that E & M are a gay couple. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this subject, but, it never crossed my mind for that to be an issue. I wasn’t raised to believe that true love and families only exist with a Mom, a Dad, 2.5 kids, a dog and a white picket fence. Had I been raised that way, it would have been a hypocritical mess. I never knew my “Dad.” I still don’t, and more likely than not, never will. Did that mean my family wasn’t “normal?” Did that make me any less deserving of societal acceptance? No.

I’m not raising my children to judge others. I’m not raising them to believe that love only comes in one cookie cutter perfect mold. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. My hope is that my children will not be tolerant – They will accept others for who they are. No questions asked. E & M being a gay couple doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t matter to my husband. It doesn’t matter to my kids. E & M love each other and that’s clearly evident from spending 5 minutes with them. I’m truly blessed and honored to have met them and to be going through this journey with them. They are going to be amazing parents, “traditional” or not.

If you’re reading this and feel like it’s directed towards you, please don’t take offense or instantly get on the defensive. I’ve dealth with the two above issues from several people and simply hope to shed a little light on my feelings about the subjects.

Thanks for reading…