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Let’s Make a Bambino!!! March 17, 2011

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You’re probably thinking: “Another post?! The ink on the one you just wrote isn’t even dry!” LOL. And you’re right, it’s not. However, I felt that this news needed it’s own post. No controversy, no sad bad news bears, instead – Pure Joy.

Hubby and I signed the final draft of our contract this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re all done with screenings, meetings, legal mumbo jumbo, etc!

I have an appt way too early Friday morning with the RE (Reproductive Endocronologist aka Fertility Doctor) for a repeat ultrasound and more blood work. Because the contracts are all done, I’ll also get all my meds and a schedule for each of them. As long as all goes well, we are set to do our first embryo transfer on

    APRIL 11th or 12th

!!!!!! Less than one month away!

If that transfer is successful (and it will be! Stay positive with me here) E & M will be spending their New Years 2012 welcoming a bundle of joy into the world and into their hearts!

I couldn’t be more happy for them and cannot wait to get to spend time with them in April.

Put all your reservations about surrogacy aside for just a moment and do a Happy Dance with me, will ya? Thanks! You rock! LOL.


2 Responses to “Let’s Make a Bambino!!!”

  1. Heather Says:

    Anxious to hear how everything goes along your journey! I am about one month behind you in becoming a surrogate, can’t wait to be one step behind you, maybe gaining some insights into what to expect!

    • babyoven Says:

      Thanks Heather! I’m so glad I can help out a fellow surrogate! I’ve read a ton of blogs that have been so helpful in knowing what to expect!
      Congrats on your journey! Have you already been matched? Are you a GS or TS?

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