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My Journey as a Gestational Surrogate

V.I.B. Very Important Bambino(s)! May 29, 2011

Yep – You’re reading that title correctly… BAMBINOS. As in 2 (two) babies! LOL.

Let me back track just a little. If you remember, on April 13th, we transferred one very healthy embryo and hoped and prayed that a nice, uneventful 9 month pregnancy would follow. Michele & Esteban were SO excited when we got positive HPTs and wonderful beta numbers. They can’t wait to welcome Gabriel into the world. At my ultrasound appointment on May 11th, we all got amazing news. There was definitely a healthy growing Gabriel snuggled up in my “baby oven.” What we weren’t expecting was to find out that….. Gabriel isn’t alone! LOL. That one little embryo that we implanted had about a 2% (yep, only 2%) chance of splitting into identical twins – AND IT DID!

I’m not going to lie – Hearing that news freaked me out. I can’t even imagine how Esteban & Michele were feeling… Being pregnant with one baby, I can do. I’m good at it. I’ve got two beautiful  little girls as living proof. Being pregnant with twins? I’m totally clueless. Completely out of my element. I know zip, zilch, nada about what to expect. Thank goodness I’ve got an amazing support system of family, friends, coworkers (who really are more like friends,) and fellow surrogates through an online forum. Once the shock wore off, everyone got very excited. Identical twins are so rare, and such a huge blessing. Esteban & Michele are overjoyed and I’m so excited for them!

Gabriel & Davide (aren’t those the cutest names EVER) will be making their grand entrance sometime in November or December of this year. Their due date is December 30th, but, with twins the goal is going to be 36 weeks vs the traditional 40. At a repeat ultrasound on May 20th, we were able to see that the embryo split early enough that both twins have their own amniotic sac. They will share a chorionic sac (they are called monochorionic/diamniotic twins – Google it LOL) and a placenta, but them having their own amniotic sacs brings the number of risks down SO much. It was wonderful to hear that news.

As of today, the twins are 9 weeks, 2 days and both very healthy! I have another ultrasound appointment in a few days, on Tuesday the 31st! Let me tell you, Esteban, Michele and I definitely don’t get tired of getting to see their precious babies so often! LOL.

Here is a picture of the twins, one on top and one on the bottom, at 8 weeks along. Enjoy!

Gabriel & Davide @ 8 weeks gestation

On a non-surrogacy related note, this week has been big for our family! On Wednesday, our “baby” girl turned 4! I still remember finding out I was pregnant like it was yesterday. She has turned into such a beautiful and smart young lady. We’re so proud of her every single day. Happy Birthday Baby! Mommy Loves You! On Thursday, my best friends daughters also reached milestones in their lives – One daughter graduated 8th grade and her other daughter graduated high school! We are so lucky to have been part of their special day and I couldn’t be more proud of all they have accomplished. On Friday, MY little brother who used to pee on me when I changed his diapers, graduated high school! It was an amazing ceremony (over 700 graduates!) It’s hard to believe that he is old enough to be graduating high school and moving on to the next chapter of his life. The world is at your fingertips, never stop dreaming!

I promise not to be a horrible blogger and keep everyone waiting so long for an update next time LOL. I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend and remembering why we celebrate this special day. I want to thank all our service men and women past, present and future for all the sacrifices they have made for our freedoms. I especially want to thank my Hubby for his years of service to our country with the USMC.
Until next time…. 🙂

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