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Italian Eggplants.. September 27, 2011

Is there such a thing? There definitely is when you look inside my growing baby apartment multi-story apartment complex!! LOL. Time is flying and I have absolutely no idea where it is going or how to get it to slow down! D&G are growing beautifully and at almost 27 weeks along, they each weigh close to 2lbs and are the size of eggplants according to my handy dandy weekly updates.

Here are my two latest belly pics from 25 & 26 weeks:

25 Weeks


26 Weeks
As you can see, the boys are growing very nicely! I have still been feeling pretty good for the most part. I did start having some Braxton Hicks (practice/fake) contractions and the perinatologist said that they are completely normal given how far along I am and the fact that I am carrying twins. They are few and far between and with my cervix being “made to carry twins” (her words, not mine) she isn’t at all concerned. The twins and I are in this for long haul, folks! 37 weeks, here we come!
Aside from the pregnancy, life in general has been pretty difficult in the past week and a half. My Papa passed away on Wednesday September 14th. To some people, losing a grandparent would be difficult but to me it is devastating. My Mom was only 16 when she got pregnant with me and I know nothing about my sperm donor. Since my Mom was so young, I have always been my Papa’s little girl and he has always been more like a Dad than a grandfather. I’m taking things about 5 minutes at a time and eventually I know that life will settle into some sort of new “normal” it’s just going to take time. I’m very lucky to have my Hubby, our girls, and family and friends to help keep me going. I love you Papa.
I see the perinatologist again on Tuesday 10/4. I can’t believe it’s already almost October and we’re already almost in the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy. I’ll update then with how things are going.
Until next time… Lots of love from Danielle & the Bambinos

3 Responses to “Italian Eggplants..”

  1. Aww…Well first off you look great!!

    Secondly…I know the pain of freshly losing a parent (or parental figure in your case) and it’s HARD. If you ever want to talk to someone who knows the feeling, I’m here. I’m not a month into it yet, so I can related. It does start to get easier as time passes, or so I’m told. It’s never easy, then being pregnant makes it even harder.


  2. Elena Says:

    Danielle, you look amazing!! Xoxo Stay strong and healthy!

  3. julie Says:

    I’m so sorry about your loss. I to know how hard it can be to have such special people leave you. I was adopted and my birth mother was 16 at the time she had me and doesnt even know who my dad was. But I was very very lucky and blessed with great adopted parents and wonderful grand parents. You are doing a wonderful thing and making there dream come true… God Bless you…..take care julie

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