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Evictions & BumpFairy Goodness November 1, 2011

Happy November 1st everyone!!! I cannot believe how quickly this year (and this surrogacy journey/pregnancy) is flying by! It seems like only yesterday we were meeting E & M for the first time and here we are, just over 6 weeks away from them meeting their precious angels!!

Let’s start with the bambino updates because we know that’s why we’re all here LOL. We are officially 31 weeks, 4 days along. At my last appt at 30 weeks, 6 days both Gabriel & Davide were measuring perfect with how far along we are. Gabriel weighed 3lbs, 10oz and Davide was right behind him at 3lbs, 7oz. That’s right folks, I’m carrying around the equivalent of a FULL TERM SINGLETON. I have a total of 7lbs, 1oz of baby in my Bambino Hotel! There are babies born full term that weigh less than that! Not my babies of course (They were 7lbs, 10oz & 8lbs, 4oz LOL) but some people’s babies! Craziness! That definitely explains why I feel like I’m full term pregnant. It’s been hard to swallow that even though I have just over 6 weeks left, I really have to slow down otherwise I pay for it. My back hurts, my feet swell, getting comfortable at night has become impossible, I have to get up an average of 5 times in an 8 hour period to go potty LOL – Bottom line though? This is all so incredibly worth it and I wouldn’t change a moment. I know that at the end of all the back aches and bathroom trips are two beautiful little boys and an even more beautiful family. Seeing E & M hold their babies is going to be the best moment – I can’t even describe how excited I am for them. ❤

I will continue seeing the perinatologist every 2 weeks for the month of November and then depending on how things are going, she will most likely move to weekly appointments. With an identical mono/di twin pregnancy, the doctors prefer that you not be pregnant too far past 38 weeks. We have set an eviction date for D&G! Yep, they’re being KICKED OUT of this womb on Monday DECEMBER 19th (38 weeks, 3 days) if they haven’t made their appearance already!! That’s only 48 days from now! Holy Moly! I have had a long talk with them and we all agree that they are not coming until at least December 9th. On that day, I will be 37 weeks along which is considered full term for twins. Any day December 9th and on they are more than welcome to show their adorable little faces. Their Daddies will be flying in to CA on November 29th so that we can spend some time together before delivery and so they can get all set up to welcome their boys into the world. I’m SO excited to see them but have NO desire for them to have to come earlier *Ahem Davide & Gabriel, I hope you’re listening! Don’t even try to come into this world before December 9th! We have a deal! LOL* I also found out that if both little darlings cooperate and turn head down, we can attempt a vaginal delivery!! Gabriel has always been head down (thank you, Gabriel!) but Davide is a “mover & shaker” and he flips around A LOT. So, everyone send him head down vibes if you don’t mind. Birthing two 6ish pound babies would be a piece of cake since my little chunkers weighed much more than that haha.

For Halloween, I decided to take full advantage of being a hugely pregnant, proud surrogate so I borrowed the amazing Sabrina’s  name ( and dressed up like a BumpFairy. My costume was a hit with pretty much everyone and I’m pretty sure it was the world’s most comfy Halloween costume EVER. 🙂 Here’s a pic (I apologize for the quality, it’s a cell phone pic LOL.)

BumpFairy – Like the tooth fairy, only fatter 😉

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! We’re definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving and what the next month has in store for our family.

Until next time, Lots of love from Danielle & the Bambinos ❤

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    I’m begining my journey to become a surrogate and was wondering if you could give me some tips/advice. I also had some questions. Please feel free to email me .

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