Their Lovin, My Oven

My Journey as a Gestational Surrogate

Maybe Babies? December 13, 2011

Nope. No babies yet. They’re still baking away. Apparently my Bambino Hotel accommodations are beyond first class. These little angels aren’t showing ANY signs of packing up and vacating voluntarily. Looks like they plan to enjoy their Presidential Suite right up to the day that I officially pack their bags for them and close the doors. And you know what? That’s quite alright with me 🙂 Happy, healthy and chubby lil Italian babies are well worth the wait!


I had a routine NST yesterday that turned into a little visit to Labor & Delivery. Both babies have an amazing level of fluid and plenty of movement (I am still amazed they have room to move as much as they do!) I had 5 contractions while I was being monitored and during those contractions, sweet Baby A (Gabriel) was having some heart rate decels (decelerations) that the OB on call wasn’t quite so happy with. She said it could be because he is very low in the uterus (literally I feel like he’s going to fall out and he routinely punches my lady bits with surprising aim accuracy) or it could be him moving onto his umbilical cord… Nothing to stress about right away but she wanted us to head to labor & delivery to have a bio-physical ultrasound done. The ultrasound would basically look at both babies for very specific movements and give us good insight as to their general well being inside their womb-for-rent. I was hooked back up to the monitors in triage and after only about 15 minutes (seriously, that’s record time!) the ultrasound tech came and “picked me up.” Esteban came to the u/s with me and got to see their little angels. They both scored 8 out of 8 on the test so we were told everything was A-OK and I could go home 🙂 Told you the boys were mighty comfy. I have an appt with the perinatologist at the hospital where I will be delivering tomorrow morning so we’ll see if I’ve dilated any further.


Only 6 days until eviction day. While I hoped and prayed (and so did many others) that I would make it this far, I have to admit that in the back of my mind I always had small doubts. I am a very small person (5 feet) and to carry twins is something I never anticipated. I expected to be pulled out of work early, be put on partial or full bed rest, and be lucky if we made it past about 34 weeks. Instead I never had to worry about bed rest, my cervix stayed long and strong, I worked right up to 34 weeks, and here we are – Beyond full term at 37 weeks 4 days, only 6 days away from the very last day that I can possibly remain pregnant. The statistics and odds stacked against us were astronomical but we did it. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my amazing Hubby, Esteban & Michele, friends and family. As this journey comes to a new chapter, I look back and couldn’t possibly ask for anything to be different. I love my IFs, I love their little boys, I love my new extended Italian family and I can’t wait to turn the last page in this chapter and start the next one.


Until Next Time, Lots of love from Danielle and the (uber comfy) Bambinos ❤


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