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Growing Twinkies January 29, 2012

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I have a long post in the works but it’s not quite ready yet.. In the meantime, the news that everyone is really here for anyway – The twins!!!

Esteban, Michele, Davide and Gabriel are all back home in Italy and settling into life as a family of four. The twins had their first pediatrician appointment in Italy and are rock stars in every aspect! When they were born, Davide weighed 5lbs, 10oz & Gabriel weighed 5lbs, 14oz. My sweet little chunky surrotwins have been packing on the pounds!! Davide now weighs 7lbs, 40z and Gabriel weighs 8lbs, 6oz!!

I was able to pump breast milk for them the entire time they were here, and get enough frozen for them to have on the long plane trip home and for a few days while they transitioned to formula. Both boys are now exclusively formula fed and did amazing with the transition.

I have gotten to Skype with everyone a couple of times and it warms my heart. Words truly cannot describe how much it means to me that even though they are busy with newborn twins, Esteban & Michele make time to text message me, send me pictures and Skype with us. So many surrogates don’t have as great of a relationship once their surrobabes are born and I am SO blessed and SO very thankful. Esteban & Michele are AMAZING dads, WONDERFUL IFs and just truly spectacular people.

I had my 6 week post-partum check and everything looks good medically. I’ve lost 21 of the 30lbs I’ve gained and am ready to get to work on losing the rest, plus a little extra. I am returning to work FT tomorrow and it’s definitely going to be an adjustment but it’s time. I am so thankful for each and every moment that I got to spend with my amazing Italian family before they left.

I have a post in the works about all the emotions that have been swimming through me the last few weeks.. I’ll post it as soon as it’s ready.


Until next time.. 🙂


2 Responses to “Growing Twinkies”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I am thinking of becoming a surrogate (actually, a gestational carrier). I am sure there are so many emotional ups and downs – after having gone through all of it, do you recommend it? Is it a different experience than you had with your own? What advice do you have for me – or others that are considering giving this gift? I want to help someone have the joy that I have with my girls – but I am afraid of getting attached to a child (or children) that aren’t “mine” – then having to give them to their parents – afraid it will devestate me…maybe not if I know they are loved before they even arrive…? Any thoughts you can offer will be appreciated. Thanks!

    • babyoven Says:

      Hi Jamie 🙂
      Gestational carrier/Gestational surrogate are interchangeable.. 🙂 After having gone through my entire journey, I completely recommend it if it’s something you are sure you want to do. My personal experience was AMAZING and something I will always cherish and never forget.
      As far as pregnancies go, it was different from my own in the fact that I carried twins vs one baby… Other than that, there wasn’t too many differences. I was attached to the boys in a way that I would be attached to a niece or nephew – I love and care for them dearly. I would do ANYTHING for them, just as I would my own children, BUT I have no desire to “keep” them. They were never “my” babies to begin with – I was holding them for their Daddies until it was time to put them where they belonged – In their Daddies arms. It’s not giving them away – It’s giving them BACK to their parents who already love and adore them.
      It’s very important to prepare yourself in the beginning and know what you are getting in to. Do a ton of research on surrogacy websites (like – Read a ton of different blogs – Join a forum on the site and ask a ton of questions. Or email me directly if you’d like 🙂
      Whatever you decide – Good luck!!! 🙂

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