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My Journey as a Gestational Surrogate

I owe you… February 13, 2012

Filed under: Gestational Surrogacy — Danielle @ 5:39 pm

A long post. And I promise I’m working on it. Getting back into the routine of being at work full time has been a task. I’ve also been trying to get into a gym routine with one of my best friends so that I can get rid of quite a few pounds…


The twins are amazing – They have two of the best Dad’s in the world. I love getting to Skype with them and see the twins growing and thriving and see how loving and caring Esteban & Michele are. I always knew they would be amazing parents but seeing them in action is incredible. It warms my heart in ways I can’t even describe. Their family is so perfect ❤ I’m truly so incredibly blessed to be able to see the twins grow up and not miss out on moments just because I’m far away. Every day I send up thanks to the big man upstairs for bringing Esteban, Michele & I together and allowing me to be a part of such a miraculous journey. I will never ever forget the moments we have shared (and continue to share.) My heart has expanded with so much love for “my” four Italian “boys.”


I hope you are all doing well!! Promise I’ll have the lengthy “emotions” post up soon. I’m long winded so it’s taking a while LOL. 🙂


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