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My Journey as a Gestational Surrogate

Reflections July 12, 2012

It’s been sort of slow evening at work and as I find time to get lost in my own thoughts (time of which I am in short supply,) I always find them drifting to my surrogacy. People ask me frequently if I am still in contact with Esteban, Michele and the twins, how they’re doing, how are they handling life with twins, how am I doing and will I do it again? Esteban, Michele and the twins are great – More than great in fact. They are the picture perfect family. I’m sure they are exhausted but everytime I see them, all four of “my” Italian boys are all smiles and no complaints. Esteban and Michele are amazing parents. Amazing.


As I sit here and reminisce on our amazing journey, I can’t help but continue to be thankful. Thankful that I was brought to such a wonderful journey. Thankful that I get to keep in touch and see my surrotwins grow. Thank ful that I have this amazing extended family across the world. Thankful that I might get to do it again. Just – Thankful.


You see, being a surrogate is about making a family. What people don’t realize though is that the benefits don’t just lie with the intended parents that we help. Yes, their dreams are coming true. Yes, we’re playing a part in that. Yes, they get to take home these amazing babies and love on them for the rest of their lives but the benefits to us as the surrogate are endless. I get to watch this amazing family and beam with pride at the small part that I had in helping them get to that point. What started out as four strangers meeting in a conference room has ended in this amazing extended family that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It’s no small task to ask someone to trust you to carry their baby (or babies.) To choose someone who will love and care for your child as their own but hand them back at the end of an amazing nine months…. But my IFs (and IPs everywhere) do this everyday. They trust someone else to love, nurture, care for and protect these small gifts from God until they are ready to go home. And to be able to do that, to be able to at the end of a journey hand someone their child for the first time…. I can’t describe it. I get teary eyed at the miracle that is surrogacy. I marvel at how lucky I am. How lucky we, as surrogates are. I will forever, for the rest of my life, get to watch this family grow. I get to watch two men whom I love so dearly, pass on that love to their two beautiful children. And if I’m lucky, yes, I’ll get to do it all again. Being a surrogate is not something I take for granted, and I think you would be hard pressed to find one of my surrosisters who doesn’t share that sentiment.


Being a surrogate is one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever received and I can’t wait to experience the miracle all over again.


❤ Danielle


3 Responses to “Reflections”

  1. Jeni Says:

    *sniff. Actually, I don’t cry pretty (at all) so it’s more like a snort, hiccup, sniiiiiiifffffff. 🙂 This is a beautiful post Danielle. Absolutely beautiful. I love your words and they are OH SO TRUE! We’re the lucky ones! I too get teary eyed, when I think about surrogacy and what an amazing thing it really is. Thanks for sharing this. I loved it. ❤

  2. tmgalletti Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more!!!!!!!

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