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My Journey as a Gestational Surrogate

A Nod to the Universe… October 11, 2012

Even if you aren’t a believer in signs or good omens or anything of the sort, these horoscopes are hard to ignore. Thanks, universe. We need this.


My horoscope:

You deserve a wonderful weekend. Lately, you have had too much to contend with and you are still feeling tired and drained from this. Worse, your guard is up. You keep expecting new difficulties to arise at any moment and fear that even the most hopeful developments will start turning into mirages that vanish as soon as you get close to them. Yet even if you have been suffering out in the desert of disappointment, you are now nearing a genuine jungle where hope grows high and rivers of reassurance flow freely.


M’s horoscope:

Either you have to trust that a process is taking place in its own sweet time… or you have to take control, manage a project, push for a result and drive a situation forward with your own sheer determination. That’s a perfectly viable plan. It’s what many people do every day, with some degree of success, albeit a fair degree of stress. But why waste energy where none really needs to be expended. In your life now, there’s a natural sequence of events taking place and you are safe, to some extent this weekend, to rely on these.


T’s horoscope:

How deep is the ocean? How far does it go? Only people who spend a lot of time on boats really know the answer to this. For most of us, the sea is just a big mass of water that you spot when you get to the end of the land. But it stretches out far beyond the horizon. Indeed, it covers so many miles that we can hardly comprehend its vastness, even in our imagination. Within your heart there is an ocean of love, hope and faith. Somehow, this weekend, life brings you an opportunity to sail out and explore a host of positive possibilities.


Read into it as you wish – Me, I’m choosing to read exactly as it says. The universe wants this baby for M&T just  almost as much as the three of us do.


LT – Sweet, sweet Little Tot – You are already so very loved and so very wanted. Your Mommy and Daddy love you more than life itself and I can’t wait to see them holding you for the first time. I have every faith that you are growing big and strong right now and cannot wait to see your precious heartbeat on Sunday. So many people are pulling for you. Stay with us sweet little bean ❤


❤ Auntie Danielle & LT


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