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Growing Humans.. And Stuff June 28, 2011

I’m officially giving myself the title of worst blogger in the world. It’s been forever since I last posted and I’m SO sorry!! Things have just been kinda crazy and the month of June flew past in the blink of an eye. Friends with kids, back me up here, would ya? Kthx!

Well, now I’m back! I’ve been officially released to my own OB (though I will be primarily seeing a perinatologist) and have stopped all injections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please insert mental image of me dancing around going “Woohoo, Woohoo, Woohoo” now LOL. Stopping injections was great for a number of reasons – First being that after 78 injections in a matter of 8 weeks, I was more than ready to stop. Second being that my butt was equally happy. No more bruises, lumps, etc. Third, it was a huge milestone for the twins! My body has taken over in the growing humans business and no longer needs synthetic hormones to help it along! 🙂

Today I had a Nuchal Translucency (or NT for short) scan. It’s primary function is usually to measure the back of the babies necks to assess the risk of down syndrome and Trisomy 18. Since the twins are mono-di twins (monochorionic/diamniotic) it helps to assess way more than that. The perinatologist was able to measure the level of fluid around each baby, the blood flow from their shared placenta to each of them and many more things. Once it was done (it was about a 30 minute high level ultrasound) she said she was confident in me reporting to Esteban & Michele that things look great so far!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 The twins are still measuring slightly ahead of where I am pregnancy wise and that’s a great sign since I’ve lost a little bit more weight. I’m eating small meals throughout the day since there really isn’t hardly any room in there for a “normal size” meal.

Here are pics from today:

Baby "A" Profile Shot

Baby “B” Profile Shot
Baby A’s heart rate was 165 and he is measuring 13 weeks, 5 days (I’m 13 weeks, 4 days.) Baby B’s heart rate was 153 and he is measuring 14 weeks, 1 day. A friend of mine theorized that perhaps Baby B just likes ice cream a little more than Baby A! LOL. The mystery of how they decide who is “A” vs “B” was also solved – Baby A is the baby that is closer to the cervix… Just a little fun fact for you LOL.
As for me – I did mention that I’ve lost some weight…. Nothing major….. 5 pounds. I lost 15 lbs with our oldest daughter and 10 with our youngest before I ever started gaining because I was so sick. So far with this surrogacy, I’ve been not quite as sick, but still not peachy keen either. I throw up every single morning. Without fail. Sometimes twice. It’s not pretty. And no, I don’t like to throw up. And yes, I knew it was a possibility given my history of doing so. However, it’s totally worth it to know that the bambinos are growing nice and strong and thriving inside Hotel Bambino. I was hoping when I hit second trimester (4 days ago) that the boys would take that as their cue to start thinking of a nicer way to tell me “buongiorno” aka “good morning,” but no such luck yet. I told Esteban & Michele that when they come to visit in August (which is right around the corner, YAY!) that they have to talk to their sons and tell them to start being nicer to me LOL. Other than that, I’m honestly feeling pretty good! I’m close to looking pregnant and not just FAT, thank goodness! Hahaha. Any woman that has been pregnant can totally relate to that in between point.
Other than that, there’s not much to report. Boys are strong and healthy and will continue to be until at least 35 weeks! 🙂
I want to take a second to give a huge thank you to Esteban & Michele. I’ve read a TON of surrogates blogs, and I’ve noticed that a lot of them are asked by their IPs to use initials only (i.e. E & M which I now do because sometimes I’m lazy LOL) and to not disclose details about the pregnancy or babies, etc. I’m more thankful than words can say that Esteban & Michele have given me the freedom to have this blog and to be completely honest about our journey. They have no intentions of hiding our journey from the boys when they are older, and I love them for that. I wanted this blog to be something that I could read 3, 5, 10, 20 years down the road and remember every vivid detail. So, thank you Esteban & Michele for allowing me to be loud, outspoken, incredibly honest, hold nothing back ME. I love you both!
I promise to stop being such a sucky blogger, thanks for sticking with me even if I slack off 🙂
Until next time… Lots of love from me and E & Ms twinkies