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My Journey as a Gestational Surrogate

Where Were You? April 13, 2012

…One year ago today? At home? Work? Out with friends? Want to know what I was doing one year ago today? I was decked out in green and yellow (as were my husband, Esteban, Michele and a ton of friends and family) and sending up one thousand different prayers. Want to know why? Because one year ago today, April 13th 2011, was the day that we were going to “plant” a baby for Esteban and Michele inside my Bambino Hotel.

I was SO nervous and though everyone kept reminding me to relax, that everything would be fine, I couldn’t help the nervousness. My amazing husband and Elena from Fertility Miracles were there to support me, and Esteban & Michele (and their family and friends) were supporting us from Italy. The transfer itself was pretty easy peasy lemon squeezee. I got to wear a snazzy gown and my super duper lucky socks. *Side Note: when it came time to push on delivery day, I wore the same socks.*

I know you're jealous of the socks, it's okay to admit it 😉

 I got to take a Valium to get nice and relaxed and hold my Hubby’s hand. They showed us a picture of the embryo that they had chosen to transfer and assured us that *he* was just perfect and moving right along wonderfully in development. The doctor came in, explained everything, joked with my husband about letting another man knock me up and then “loaded” the embryo in a teeny tiny catheter. We got to watch the embryo being guided into my uber posh Bambino Hotel accomodations and then the relaxation began. Here is the picture of E & Ms precious embryo snuggling in. Who would have ever thought that something so tiny could become two adorable almost four month old bouncing baby boys ❤

The embryo we transferred which would become Gabriel & Davide ❤ (The bright white spot in the middle of the black circle)

 I would later pee on lots of sticks (no, not random sticks, the pregnancy test kind LOL) and get a positive result. To know that I was carrying such precious cargo for such amazing people was one of the best experiences of my life. Esteban and Michele – We’ve come so far since this day! You are two of the best parents I know and I love you and those little boys to pieces. My four Italian boys are always in my thoughts and there is a permanent place for each of you in my heart. I love you all!! I’ll leave all of you faithful readers with something I know you’ve been waiting for a while for – Here is an amazingly beautiful picture of Esteban, Michele, Davide and Gabriel!!!!!!!

Michele holding Gabriel and Esteban holding Davide. These four boys mean the world to me!!! <3

Michele holding Gabriel and Esteban holding Davide. These four boys mean the world to me!!! ❤


I know, I know – Esteban & Michele are SO good looking and my surrotwins are SOOOOOO stinking adorable!!!!!! Don’t you just want to eat up those chubby cheeks?! ❤ I am the luckiest SurroMama on the planet!!

Happy Transfer-versary Esteban & Michele ❤