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My Journey as a Gestational Surrogate

Happy Month-Day!!! May 18, 2012

Another month has passed…. Though I’m not entirely sure how! It doesn’t seem quite possible that my adorable surrotwins are 5 months old but alas, today is May 18th which makes it exactly 5 months ago that I brought those sweet boys into the world and helped make two amazing guys Daddies <3<3<3<3<3

Esteban, Michele and the twins are doing amazing! The twins are both healthy, happy, thriving ADORABLE bundles of joy. We are still getting to Skype with them usually once a week and they are SO full of personality now. Last time we Skyped, they were cooing and babbling and smiling and just all around melting my heart. I swell with pride every time I see my 4 Italian boys and what a beautiful family they are. It still amazes me to this day how lucky I am to have been a part of something SO utterly amazing. Are you ready for the best part of this post? That’s right folks, I’ve got pictures!!! Hang on to your hearts, they’re going to burst with love at  how adorable my surrofamily is ❤






Esteban holding Davide, Michele holding Gabriel ❤


Esteban holding Davide, Michele holding Gabriel 🙂


Love them <3<3