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My Journey as a Gestational Surrogate

LT is Here! June 15, 2013

LT is here! I’m still working on my birth story but M&Ts sweet little boy entered the world at 41 weeks gestation, on 6/9/13 at 10:23pm. He shocked us all by tipping the scale at 9 pounds, 2 ounces. I was able to have the all natural delivery that I had hoped for – It was one of the most intense things I’ve ever done, physically, mentally and emotionally. It was a team effort and I couldn’t have done it without my Hubby, M&T, our two awesome doulas and my best friend who captured so many photographs that I will always treasure – Including pictures of M&T catching their sweet son as I delivered him and my OB stood back smiling <3. (I promise to share some when they are ready.)

Thank you all for following along on another amazing journey. My heart is overflowing with love for the second family I've been blessed to help create. Seeing M&T holding their precious angel after all the time they've waited and everything they've endured was a moment I'll never forget.



One Response to “LT is Here!”

  1. Steph Says:

    Congratulations. This blog is so amazing and gives me so much hope. We are in round two of egg retrieval … Soon someone will bless us this way to.
    Great work momma!

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